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Xiren's new instrumental track, "UFO's Over The Ocean", is featured as the theme song in the FOX feature film "E.T.X.R.". The movie was released April 1st, 2014 and is currently available on Netflix or iTunes.


Xiren has re-invented two musical anthems, John Lennon’s “Imagine” & U2’s “One”, fusing them together into a song to share with you, “Imagine+One”. Available on iTunes or FREE by joining the mailing list.
writing anthems.
At the same time that I was shooting the "Ho Hey" video in January, I was creating a track for the car selling behemoth, Auto Nation; an anthem to underscore their current rebranding effort. The commercial was directed by friend & collaborator, Trevor Sands. View...
3 chords and u2'b.

U2 recently re-started their Tour and that’s when I first heard a bootleg of Galstonbury. It blew me away that a 3 decade old band could write something so rocking & relevant. Amazing! So I recorded my own version by piecing together the arrangement from live show clips and what I couldn’t catch I invented. Watch it...

Xiren was invited to perform at Red Rocks's for the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. Watch his live performance on the morning news.
TEDx 2011 + 2012.

A true highlight of 2011 was performing at the MileHigh TEDx event in Denver. Video of Xiren's performance made it's way online. Watch "IMAGINE+ONE" and "I Need You Tonight" on YouTube...

The first single, "Ship of Fools (Big Enough)", from TRIP-R charted at #8 for 6 weeks in a row on National Radio and ranked at #77 in the top 100 songs of 2009 (FMQB/Modern AC). Below you can order the single or the album.


"Ship of Fools" has been licensed to EMSTREAM & is also playing nationwide on AUSTRALIAN RADIO.